8.3.14 – Peter’s Confession – Matt 16:13–23

In one of the most controversial passages of scripture, Peter makes an incredible confession of faith, but immediately is called ‘Satan’ by Jesus. We also learn that Jesus is building his church and promises that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

7.6.14 – Jesus Walks on Water – Matt 14:22–36

Jesus finally gets time for private prayer, but his disciples quickly get into trouble. The Galilean wind and waves prove too much, even for these seasoned fishermen, so Jesus walks on water to meet them in their circumstances. In doing so, Peter learns a powerful lesson about faith, doubt, and the power of Jesus.

5.25.14 – Parable of the Sower – Matt 12:1–9 & 18–23

Jesus’ first parable is about a Sower who casts seed across four different types of soil, but only receives two types of reactions – acceptance or rejection. In this way, Jesus shows us how the human heart reacts to God sowing into it.

4.13.14 – Peace and Judgment – Matt 11:20–30

Jesus sends his disciples on their first mission, but stays behind to pronounce judgement on the cities that rejected him. Yet, we find all find an invitation to peace.

3.24.14 – Jesus Predicts Persecution – Matt 10:16–23

As Jesus sends out his disciples on their first mission, he warns them of the impending persecution – a message not only meant for his first disciples, but for all his disciples.

3.9.14 – The Path Ahead – Matt 9:32–38

Matthew concludes his section on Jesus’ teaching and miracles by contrasting people’s reactions to the messiah and the crowd’s relationship to God. We are sheep who need the good shepherd, laborers who are called to the harvest.

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